The brand Ballast celebrates the remarkable revolution that took place when man and machine plunged into the oceans in mechanized vessels. History was forever changed as the most menacing warships instantly became completely vulnerable and a new type of aquatic warfare was born. And, beneath the surface and inside the belly of each colossal beast, a new breed of man was borne; the submariner.

Sir Winston Churchill was quoted as saying, “Of all the branches of men in the forces there is none which shows more devotion and faces grimmer perils than the submariners.” These Naval officers were each explorers utilizing a combination of the latest technology, novel underwater survival skills, and pioneering navigating blindly through an undocumented, seemingly infinite ocean.

Drawing inspiration from these incredible men and women, Ballast created a line of watches that pays homage to their hardy lives at sea. Each watch is designed with precision and high quality materials sourced from top manufacturers from around the world. The style is reminiscent of exposed mechanics inside a submarine with a recognizably unique operating mechanism. The watch date and time are changed by unlocking the right hand crown and turning the bezel of the watch.

The Ballast line of watches is recognizable, stylish, and inspires the story of the submariners to be retold time and time again.