Speedometer Official hails from Turin, Italy and earned worldwide recognition for its instantly recognizable bangle adorned with the design of a watch bezel. Italian entrepreneur Marco Gatti was inspired with the idea after inheriting a business founded by his father in 1923 that distributed fine Swiss watch movements. Involved deeply with the luxury market his entire life and traveling abroad to develop a global business, Marco developed a sense for worldly tastes and launched a product that now adorns the wrists of many celebrities, politicians, and other public figures.

The Speedometer Official bangle is a high precision accessory. Despite its minimalist look, the bangle is produced by hand with advanced technology to retain shape and integrity over time. Because the construction fuses a hardened metal band with a variety of luxurious metals design plates, a unique and precise process needed to be developed. Inferior products split into parts easily, but the Speedometer bangle lasts as long as it has been in style. Marco Gatti perfected this process and continues to improve his original design with increasingly elaborate details and original materials.

As the popularity of Speedometer Official bangles grew, Marco appealed to demand for the recognizable bezel icon to be incorporated into other accessories. Fans welcomed the new range of Speedometer accessories that now tied into full outfits and more and more bangles began to appear in the world. The last addition to Speedometer is a line of incredibly sleek fountain pens that feature interchangeable bezel rings. Watch here for what is coming next.