Born in 1897, the fine accessory company Dalvey was founded as Duncan MacRae, that specialized in the production of Highland bagpipes. These instruments held more than artistic significance in the country because of the roaring sounds they made as military forces marched into battle. In fact, until  1996 the bagpipe was outlawed in the United Kingdom as a weapon of war. Due to this cultural significance, the production of bagpipes was held to the highest standards and Duncan MacRae proved to be one of the top producers.

The brand rose to popularity with its quality products and attracted the highest degree of talent into its factory. This combination of talent, celebration of quality, and innovation through the Industrial Revolution opened up fantastic new opportunities. The first milestone was the production of the iconic Dalvey flask that rapidly became a top seller across the land. Discovering a foothold in fine men’s accessories, Dalvey quickly followed up with a full line of products that are manufactured using many of the same techniques even today.

With over 100 years of heritage, the Dalvey brand continues to espouse the wondrous and inspiring landscapes of Scotland. Tradition can be felt in the warmth of a hard people in a hard land who value quality manufacturing that withstands the test of time. Each Dalvey product carries with it this philosophy in a timeless and classic style.